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Every semester, the Human Services program publishes a newsletter highlighting students, faculty and community organizations.

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Community Resources

The Beaufort County Human Services Alliance

For over a decade, USCB has partnered with the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance. The purpose of the Human Services Alliance is to promote and sustain activities that improve the quality of life for all Beaufort County residents by creating coordinated, comprehensive, and integrated systems of human services.  For more details, you can view the Alliance's website by visiting the Alliance Home Page. Please check out the new Facebook page: Please ‘like’ if you want to stay informed about ongoing and upcoming events, as well as quality-of-life & sustainability research from USCB as data is released to the public.

In a partnership with Together for Beaufort County, USCB has been collecting and sharing data related to quality of life indicators. A copy of the 2012 report is linked below. The new website can be found here: