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Psychology Courses

BPSY 101
- INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY (3). An introduction to and survey of the basic concepts and findings within the field of psychology. 

BPSY 200 - RESEARCH METHODS IN PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Basic principles and methodology. 

BPSY 201 - STATISTICS LABORATORY IN PSYCHOLOGY (1). NOTE: (Coreq: BSTA 201 or special permission) Psychological experiments which illustrate important concepts of elementary statistics. Two laboratory hours per week. 

BPSY 202 - PSYCHOLOGICAL STATISTICS (3) (Prereq: BMTH 111 or placement out of BMTH 111) Introduction to statistical methods essential for psychological research. 

BPSY 203 - LABORATORY IN PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 200 and BSTA 201 and BPSY 201 or BPSY 200 and BPSY 227) Laboratory in psychology in which research methods and statistical methods are integrated. One lecture and one laboratory session per week. 

BPSY 210 - PSYCHOLOGY OF ADJUSTMENT (3). Introduction to theories and processes underlying and facilitating human adjustment in the community, family and workplace. 

BPSY 212 - APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY (3). Uses of psychological knowledge and techniques in practical contexts; clinical, school, industrial, consumer and environmental psychology. 

BPSY 214 - HUMAN SEXUAL BEHAVIOR (3). Psychological, physiological and sociological factors of human sexual behavior and attitudes. 

BPSY 216 - PSYCHOLOGY OF MARRIAGE (3). The psychological, physiological and social characteristics of marriage. 

BPSY 218 - PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN (3). Women's experiences: childhood and adolescence, work, family, cultural images, adjustment and social change. 

BPSY 220 - PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION (3). The development of the religious consciousness and its various expressions, the psychological dynamics of growth and conversion, response to crisis and the relation of spiritual practice to health and wholeness. 

BPSY 222 - PSYCHOLOGY AND THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (3). Psychological theory and research as it applies to African Americans. Explores Africentric and other perspectives and roles of culture, racism and historical phenomena. 

BPSY 224 - INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY (3). Psychological techniques applied to various industrial and organizational problem areas, such as management and supervision, morale, efficiency, training, personnel selection and placement and relations among personnel. 

BPSY 229 - SPORT PSYCHOLOGY (3). The role of sports in socialization, personality development and competence, including: spectator-performer interactions, motivation, competition effects; and the application of psychological techniques to performance enhancement. 

BPSY 302 - LEARNING AND MEMORY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Research and applications concerning the acquisition of new behavior and knowledge, including accounts based on classical and instrumental conditioning and on information-processing models. 

BPSY 311 - ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Covers the classification, diagnosis, etiological theories and treatments of the major mental and emotional disorders. 

BPSY 312 - ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR IN CHILDREN (3). (Prereq: BPSY 311 or consent of instructor) Theories, description and assessment of child behavior problems and disorders; methods of intervention. 

BPSY 321 - LIFE SPAN DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Psychological development from conception to late adulthood. Topics include physical, cognitive and social processes associated with development at each stage of the life cycle. 

BPSY 322 - PSYCHOLOGY OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Examination of development from conception through older childhood. Specific cognitive and social processes will be given in-depth study. 

BPSY 324 - PSYCHOLOGY OF ADOLESCENCE (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Theories and research examining social, emotional and intellectual development in adolescence. Explores influence of family, peer, school and cultural contexts. 

BPSY 326 - PSYCHOLOGY OF EARLY AND MIDDLE ADULTHOOD (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Developmental changes in abilities, personality and behavior which occur between adolescence and old age. 

BPSY 328 - PSYCHOLOGY OF AGING (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Psychological, social and biological phenomena associated with maturity and aging. 

BPSY 331 - SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Introduction to theory and research in social psychology from a psychological viewpoint. Topics include social perception, social cognition, attitudes, interpersonal relationships, aggression, prosocial behavior and group processes. 

BPSY 341 - PERSONALITY THEORY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Covers the major theories and research on personality and the dynamics of human motivation.

BPSY 361 - BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) The neurochemical and neuroanatomical bases of behavior ranging from the reflex to schizophrenia. 

BPSY 399 - INDEPENDENT STUDY (1-6). (Prereq: BPSY 101 and consent of instructor) Closely supervised project or research experience in psychology. Approved contract required. May be repeated for up to six credit hours. Not for psychology major credit. 

BPSY 401 - COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 302) Research and theories on sensory memory, attention, short-term and working memory, human learning and forgetting, imagery, long-term memory, speech perception, reading, language, thinking and problem solving and decision making. 

BPSY 406 - HISTORY AND SYSTEMS OF PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: 9 hours in psychology at 300 level or above) Systematic approaches to psychology and the history of psychology 

BPSY 411 - INTRODUCTION TO CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 311 and 341 or consent of instructor) An introduction to the science and practice of clinical psychology. Application of psychological principles to the assessment and treatment of mental disorders and behavioral problems in human beings; 

BPSY 415 - COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101 and at least 3 hours in psychology at 300 level or above) Application of knowledge from other areas of psychology to the study of the role of the individual in the community. 

BPSY 418 - PSYCHOLOGY OF DRUG USE AND EFFECTS (3). (Prereq: consent of instructor) Research and theoretical considerations of substance abuse. Pharmacological, sociological, psychological, medical, economic, forensic and other relevant research and treatment disciplines. 

BPSY 441 - PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS AND MEASUREMENT (3). (Prereq: BSTA 201 and BPSY 201 or consent of instructor) Overview of the nature, design and application of psychological tests. Emphasis on test construction, the psychometric properties of psychological tests, intelligence and aptitude testing, objective and projective tests of personality and general issues in the application of tests. 

BPSY 451 - SENSATION AND PERCEPTION (3). (Prereq: BPSY 101) Processing of information from the environment. Physiological, physical, psychological and contextual determinants of perception. 

BPSY 490- SELECTED TOPICS IN PSYCHOLOGY (3) Course content varies and will be announced in the schedule of classes by suffix and title. 

BPSY 498 - ADVANCED INDEPENDENT STUDY (1-6). (Prereq: 9 hours of psychology and consent of instructor) Closely supervised project or research experience in psychology. Approved contract required. May be repeated for up to six credits.

BPSY 499 - INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH (3). (Prereq: 15 hours of psychology and consent of instructor) Planning and execution of supervised research in psychology. Approved contract required.