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Purpose & Goals

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the psychology program at USC Beaufort is to provide its students with a broad knowledge of the principles of human behavior and mental processes. The study of psychology has wide applicability to the solving of human problems at both the personal and societal levels. Knowing the factors that help maintain psychological, physical and social well-being can benefit graduates in psychology throughout their professional and personal lives. The program seeks to engender in its students well-developed problem-solving and communication skills which allow the critical analysis and integration of complex information using disciplined thought processes. Further, the program is committed to providing students with a solid academic foundation in psychology for those who will pursue graduate work in psychology and related fields.

Program Goals

  • Meet demands of regional students who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree in psychology and provide a solid foundation for those planning to pursue graduate studies in psychology and the mental health and human services.

  • Provide students with knowledge of the broad areas of scientific psychology that results in students becoming more self-aware, more perceptive of others, more analytical in their thinking and more effective in their professional, social and personal relationships.

  • Provide opportunities for students to gain experience and knowledge in the conduct of psychological research which underlies scientific psychology.

  • Prepare students to contribute to their future work environments and the larger society and to grow personally and professionally throughout their careers.

  • Foster in students analytical and decision-making skills, communications skills, a global perspective, a sense of social responsibility and ethics and characteristics of leadership.

  • Attract diverse, career-oriented students by making available curricula that correspond to regional community needs in a variety of areas involving human functioning.

  • Establish a learning environment in the psychology discipline that contributes to cooperation and collaboration with the educational and service community in the region and the state.

USCB seeks to ensure that all students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology are able to...

  • Demonstrate a broad-based knowledge of the all of the major areas of psychology required for pursuing further graduate study in psychology or for employment using the skills acquired during their program of study.

  • Explain the concepts and methodologies of conducting research in psychology and be able to apply those principles in conducting research.

  • Apply the basic principles of human and animal learning to analyses of behavior as well as describe the current research findings in human cognition and language.

  • Demonstrate mastery of the basic functioning and role of human biological systems in the production and regulation of behavior as well as the current research findings regarding the processing and organization of sensory information in perception .

  • Trace human physical, cognitive, personality and social development from conception to death.

  • Identify the social psychological processes involving the interdependence and interaction of individual behavior and group processes.

  • Describe the major approaches to understanding human personality and to define abnormal behavior, its symptoms, course and causes.