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Degree Requirements (Bachelor of Science)

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Computational Science is to provide students with a comprehensive exposure to various science and engineering fields that interface with Computer Science and provide an intensive immersion into a particular field of interface. The program will endeavor to produce graduates who not only have a broad foundation in the basic concepts and methods underlying Mathematics and Computer Science but who will possess the skills that will allow them to participate in the extension of scientific thought and knowledge.

Program Goals

  • Provide students with diverse knowledge in the Computational Sciences and significant exposure to other science and engineering fields.
  • Prepare students for careers in broad areas that require extensive proficiency in programming, modeling, computing, and software system management.
  • Foster a fundamental understanding for the process of science and an appreciation for how the Mathematics, Computer Science and other areas of science and engineering would integrate meaningfully and would impact our everyday lives and the future of the natural world.
  • Provide promising undergraduate students with significant research experiences
  • Provide much needed opportunities for interaction with the local citizenry concerning advancing computer and/or computing technologies through formal classroom instruction, internships, seminars and informal educational opportunities at local events

USCB aims to ensure that all students who complete the Bachelor of Science in Computational Science are able to…

  • Develop scientific programs in a high-level language such as JAVA, C/C++, or Python
  • Use scientific computational/modeling tools such as MATLAB
  • Demonstrate substantive knowledge and skills in a chosen concentration
  • Identify and apply methods to efficiently manage data across disciplines
  • Apply critical thinking skills to develop computer simulations and models
  • Work fluently with concepts such as numerical methods and computing techniques/theories to solve problems in an application area

Admissions Standards for the Computational Science Program

Students who fulfill the admission requirements of USCB may enroll as Computational Science majors. Transfer students are required to have a 2.0 GPA.