Department of Natural Sciences

Department of Natural Sciences

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Biology is to provide students with a comprehensive exposure to the biological sciences at the molecular, physiological, organismal and ecological levels.  The program endeavors to produce graduates who not only have a broad foundation in the basic concepts and processes underlying the biological sciences but who will possess the skills that will allow them to participate in the extension of scientific thought and knowledge.

Program Goals

  • Provide students with a diverse knowledge in the biological sciences and significant exposure to the physical sciences.
  • Prepare students for careers in the medical and health professions, environmental and natural resource management and conservation areas.
  • Foster a fundamental understanding for the process of science and an appreciation for how the life sciences and other areas of science impact our everyday lives and the future of the natural world.
  • Provide students with the scientific background needed to understand and participate in the burgeoning biotechnological revolution.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to understand themselves and their world from a scientific perspective.
  • Serve as a necessary core area in science to allow the development of the other traditional sciences and foster the development of other interdisciplinary minors and majors.
  • Provide promising students with significant research experiences.
  • Provide much needed opportunities for interaction with the local citizenry concerning environmental and health care issues and environmental issues through formal classroom instruction, internships, seminars and informal educational opportunities at local events.

USCB seeks to ensure that all students who complete the Bachelor of Science in Biology are able to…

  • Possess an understanding of biological systems at the molecular, physiological, organismal and ecological levels;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills, analytical techniques and problem solving skills applied to biological problems;
  • Possess a knowledge of classical research leading to the fundamental concepts and principles that serve as the foundation for biological inquiry; and
  • Apply the scientific method to expand scientific knowledge and understanding.