Biology Major

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Biology program at USCB is designed to provide students with comprehensive exposure to the biological sciences at the molecular, physiological, organismal, and ecological levels and prepare them to contribute to the extension of scientific thought and knowledge.

Want to study dolphin acoustics or life in the salt marshes? Interested in doing research on Vagabond Cruise in Harbor town? If so, a biology major may be the choice for you! Potential Careers: Wildlife Biologist, Geneticist, Veterinarian, Botanist, Ecologist, Laboratory Technician, Medical Doctor, or Marine Biologist.

Biology (Honors)

To learn more about applying to the Biology Honors Program at USCB, please see: Biology Honors students (and Marine Biology concentrations) who plan to live on the Beaufort Campus are welcome to apply for the 1795 Scholarship