B.S. Secondary Teacher Education in Biology

B.S. Secondary Teacher Education in Biology

**The Secondary Teacher Education in Biology program is not accepting new students at this time**

The Secondary Teacher Education in Biology is a program for University of South Carolina Beaufort students who are looking to serve the scientific community while educating the next generation of scientists. Students in this program will get exciting hands-on experience as they team up with current educators in the field as they prepare for graduation.

This program offers students an opportunity to earn a BS in Biology and additional coursework in Education and puts students on a pathway for a career in science and education. The Secondary Teacher Education, Biology program combines courses from the Biology and Education departments. This degree will provide students with comprehensive exposure to the biological sciences along with ample coursework in best teaching practices and methods in life sciences.  Upon completing this program, graduates will meet the South Carolina Department of Education's requirements to teach 9-12th science courses.


Please contact Ms. Kathryn Madden maddenkr@uscb.edu

Courses Needed for the Degree (Program of Study)
Educator Preparation Handbook and Field Manual

Program Purpose and Objective

From the USCB Educator Preparation Handbook
The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Biology is to provide students with comprehensive exposure to the biological sciences at the molecular, physiological, organismal and ecological levels. The Secondary Teacher Education Biology program seeks to provide students with these same comprehensive exposures in the biological sciences and also prepare students for teaching careers in secondary science education. The program's overall objective is to provide communities with professional, knowledgeable, scientifically literate educators ready to engage and excite the secondary science classroom.

Vision, Mission and Philosophy


The vision of the University of South Carolina Beaufort's Educator Preparation Program is to serve as the primary resource for both aspiring educators and in-service teachers in the Lowcountry and beyond.


Our mission is to create a legacy of engaged citizen-educators, well-equipped to respond adaptively to a broad range of student needs and primed to serve as advocates for children and young people. We focus on the acquisition of deep content knowledge, strong pedagogical skills, and professional teacher dispositions.


Everything we do as an educator preparation provider—in our course and fieldwork, our assessments, and our system of candidate progression—is informed by our core beliefs about learning and the important role teachers play in the learning process.
Specifically, we believe that:

  • learning is constructed by learners in social contexts—not received passively by them;
  • learning is more enduring, more in-depth, and more powerful when students are engaged in inquiry and discovery than when they are asked simply to accumulate and memorize information;
  • learning requires nurturing, supportive and safe classroom spaces;
  • learning is developmental, and continues throughout the lifespan;
  • teachers must embrace the richness of student diversity;
  • teachers must possess deep content knowledge, strong pedagogical skills, and proficiency with educational technology;
  • teachers must model the pursuit of learning in their own personal life.