International Program Agreements

USCB Study Abroad and Partnerships

So you want to see the world?
Welcome to USCB’s Study Abroad Programs!

FIRST – the safety of our students is paramount. The Director of USCB’s Public Health, in response to the pandemic, is requiring all students who participate in a study abroad program to be fully vaccinated prior to departure.

At USCB, we have various options – depending on what and where you would like to study. Here is a description of the various USCB study abroad program options as conditions allow in various locations.

  1. USCB Faculty-led programs – these change year-to-year. Reach out to STUDYABROAD, USCBEAUFORT for future offering. Social Media post 2019 Links: France, Finland, Nepal, Netherlands, Joint Program with UofParis-Nanterre
  2. USCB also has several agreements – 2 European countries where student pays USCB the tuition (all USCB grants & financial aid can be used) and study one semester either in Reach out to STUDYABROAD, USCBEAUFORT back for further information on these.
  3. USCB official third party vendors - students also have options and programs through CIS Abroad and SAI
  4. As a last option (this is handled outside USCB) UofSC Columbia also allows USCB students to access part of their offerings - semester and year-round abroad through their Global Partners Programs 
    USC Global Partner Programs ONLY 
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For all these options, there is an application process, so students need to be mindful of timelines.  
In addition, note that the U.S. State Government continues to monitor international locations. 

Other questions – send an email to STUDYABROAD, USCBEAUFORT