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Visa Process

A different kind of Visa.

U.S. immigration laws require every educational institution to certify that each student admitted has adequate funding to attend school.  The Office of Admissions must receive official documents (originals, not photocopied), which show evidence that you will have sufficient funding to cover the costs of attending the University of South Carolina Beaufort for one calendar year. 

  • This evidence will be used to issue you an immigration document (I-20), which you will need to obtain the F-1 student visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate.
  • This original form must be completed by the bank of the person(s) who is funding your studies here in the U.S. The person(s) may be you, your parents, another family member, or someone else who is sponsoring your education. The dollar amount needs to be in U.S. dollars, and this document needs to either be stamped or embossed with an official bank seal, or must be printed on official stationery.
  • As a general rule, students need to have a minimum of $32,000 U.S. dollars for one year of study. Download USCB's Certification of Support form.

Immunization Requirements

The entire first page of the USCB International Student Immunization Requirement must be completely filled out by a doctor in your home country, or by a doctor who has your immunization records on file.  The second page of this form, Section A must also be completely filled out.  (Section B of this form is for vaccines that are not required, but are recommended.)  If you are from a country that does not require these vaccines, and are not able to get these vaccines before you leave for school, you may get these vaccines here in the U.S. Proof of these vaccines is required before students are allowed to attend classes.

All international students are required to be covered by a health insurance plan that meets University and minimum federal standards. Check Student Health Services for details. This certification is in addition to other forms of insurance identification such as a personal insurance card. The certification may need to be renewed if the period expires for which the certification applies. In those cases re-certification is required for the next insurance coverage period. Students will not be released to register for classes unless the certification is received for the period of time covered by the registration.

Health Insurance Providers 
USCB use's Pearce and Pearce for the health Insurance for all of our students.

  •  For information regarding this health insurance provider click here