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Transfer Credit

  • USCB only accepts course credit from institutions accredited by regional accreditation agencies or who are active members of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. 
  • USCB makes decisions about course equivalencies per institution. For example, if you took psychology 101 at another university, USCB decides whether or not it will also count for psychology 101 at USCB based on the institution where the course was taken.
  • Courses must have a grade of C or higher to be considered for transfer credit at USCB
  • Remedial or developmental courses are not eligible for transfer credit


Thank you for your interest in the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB).  Below you can explore how courses from your previously attended colleges and/or universities may transfer to USCB.  If a course or an institution does not appear below those course(s) have not been previously evaluated by USCB.  You must apply and submit all of your official transcripts before an official evaluation of your transfer work can be performed.  Please be advised, this data is subject to change and is constantly being updated.

 REME = Remedial
Remedial courses are courses taken at a level below those offered at USCB. Ex.(Developmental Reading or Developmental Math).  Remedial courses are generally listed as follows REME B000T.

TECH = Technical
Technical courses are courses taken at a 2-year technical school that are considered to be occupational or technical in nature, but do not earn USCB credit. Examples of these courses can include classes related to a trade such as cosmetology or HVAC. Technical courses are indicated by the subject code and course number such as the following TECH B001T.

NACC = No Credit
No-credit courses are courses that are neither remedial nor technical, but that do not earn USCB credit.

UNEL (University Elective Credit): Credit that is not department specific. This is usually used for courses that do not fit within an existing USCB department. Ex. UNEL B001T

If a course is coming in as elective credit but is listed in a specific department, you will see an equivalent of 00XT where x = a number to indicate the level. For example, if a course comes in as HIST B002T, it counts as a 200-level History elective.


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