Frequently Asked Questions

Where do vendors send invoices?

All invoices, except credit card orders, are to be forwarded to:

University of South Carolina Beaufort            
ATTN: Accounts Payable            
One University Boulevard            
Bluffton, SC 29910

How long does it take to have a check cut?

Checks are typically mailed within one week of Payment Request approval and within two weeks of Travel Reimbursement Vouchers and Purchase Order invoices being submitted to Columbia. Please allow additional time for the USC Beaufort Accounts Payable office to review and make changes if necessary. Please also note that payment request approval is contingent on the availability of your department chairs and/or Vice Chancellor or Director. Approval is also contingent on all other factors being in place (i.e. your vendor is set up as a supplier, the item is an appropriate purchase, funds are available, etc). 

What can be paid on a Payment Request?

There is a select number of items that do not need to be procured through a Purchase Order. Please refer to the Payment Request matrix to determine if your item does not require a PO and can be paid on a Payment Request.

How do I check if a supplier is in PeopleSoft?

For a guide on looking up suppliers, please click here.

How do I look up a PO number?

There are many ways to find a PO number. For a guide on two of the most common methods, click here.

What is a receipt and how do I enter it?

A receipt is your verification that a vendor shipped you the goods (in good condition) that you ordered or completed the services that you hired them to do. Your digital verification lets Accounts Payable know that their invoice is ok to pay once it is received. A walkthrough on how to enter a receipt can be found here.

When do I use legacy accounting (172xx) vs. PeopleSoft accounting (92xxxx) and where can I find the department and fund number?

Currently, Purchasing Card allocations and Travel still require the use of your 'old system' department and fund (ex: 17220 D902). All Purchase Orders, food requests, and payment requests require the use of your 'new' department and fund (ex: 921059 D0905 502). Use the crosswalk in PeopleSoft to translate between the two. For a guideline on using the crosswalk, please click here.

What is a Honorarium Payment and how does my department request one?

An honorarium payment is a payment made to an individual where there was not a contractual payment agreement between the parties. For Example, If a faculty member invites a guest lecturer to speak and the lecturer does not charge a fee.

  • Object code 51440 should be used if the site of service is within the United States.
  • The honorarium payment form can be found on the forms page and should be attached to the honorarium Payment Request.
  • Under normal circumstances, an employee should never receive an honorarium payment. Employees are paid via the Payroll System as dual employment or on the PBP-17 form under the miscellaneous category (section IV).

How does my Department request a Cash Advance?

  • A 'Cash Advance Form' should be filled out detailing the purpose of the cash advance.
  • The established amount of the advance is limited to the cash requirements for a short period of time (A period normally not to exceed 90 days but in no case to exceed one year). If the need for the advance ceases to exist, the fund is handled improperly, or not handled in accordance to the written policies and procedures, it will be removed.
  • All receipts and remaining cash advance funds are to be returned to the Accounts Payable office.