Reimbursement Process

To access the reimbursement process flow chart, please click here.

An employee who pays out of pocket for a legitimate business expense may be eligible for reimbursement. Please follow the instructions below to submit through the appropriate process.

  • To see what can be processed on a Payment Request, please visit the Payment Request Matrix.
  • If the expense is related to travel activity, even a local conference, all reimbursements should be submitted through the Travel office. Refer to the travel page for instructions.
  • If the expense is for a consumable item, ensure that you have filled out a Food Expense Approval form beforehand and received an approved copy.
  • If the expense is less than $50, take your paid receipt to the Cashier's Office for reimbursement.

Otherwise, you will need to ensure that an Employee/Student Supplier Form is on file for you. This sets you up as a supplier in PeopleSoft. Once on file, forward your paid receipt to your department administrative assistant with the accounting information noted clearly. They will submit a Payment Request in PeopleSoft and a check will be mailed to the address on the Supplier Form.

For assistance in filling out a payment request, please follow the guidelines found here.