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Vendor Payments

Prior to ordering goods and services and receiving an invoice, a department should always contact the Purchasing office for appropriate processing. Failure to follow State and University Purchasing guidelines may result in an individual being held personally liable for any unauthorized purchase.

  • Before creating a Payment Request, please visit the Payment Request Matrix to see what supporting documentation may be required for each type of expense.
  • To access the Vendor Payment Process flow chart, please click here.
  • In order to receive payment, all vendors must be set up as a supplier in the PeopleSoft financial system. To check if a supplier is already in the database, please follow the steps in this walkthrough.
  • To be added as a supplier to our database, the supplier should fill out the Supplier Information Packet. Please note that the ACH information is option but may speed up payment processing time.
  • Once filled out, the packet should be submitted to
  • If a Purchase Order was required for your goods and services, the invoice should indicate the PO number on it. In order for payment to be made, a receipt must be entered in PeopleSoft against the PO. A walkthrough on how to enter a receipt can be accessed here.
  • If the invoice does not indicate the PO number, there are a few ways to find the correct PO number. For a walkthrough on the two most common ways, please click here.
  • If a Purchase Order was not required for your goods and services, the invoice will be paid on a Payment Request. A walkthrough on entering payment requests can be accessed here.