Student eLearning Tips

Student eLearning Tips

This page is dedicated to students giving eLearning tips to other students. 

Online Student Orientation, August 14, 2017

Theresa Lacey

  • B.S. Human Services, 2016 graduate
  • Has taken 16 online courses at USCB

Key Points:

  • There is plenty of interaction in online classes. Professors want you to generate conversation.
  • The module format and week–to–week set up is designed to keep you on track. Don't get behind in your work.
  • Professors are readily available and want you to reach out to them.
  • In Human Services, some assignments require us to go out and interact with the community. So, the community is our classroom.


Notes from other students

I could call myself a veteran in taking online classes by now so some keys to success would be to create a calendar or agenda of when stuff is due and put it on the wall of your bedroom and look at it everyday to see when upcoming stuff is due. Also if you can, do the work as early as possible to guarantee you have time to finish it and avoid having to rush.      Jason Boulais

The key to success for an online course in my opinion is doing exactly what the professor requests. When taking an online course I find that some students try to take shortcuts, but sometimes it does not help. Online course require a lot more attention than face-to-face course in my opinion. The best thing to do is keep up with assigned readings and be precise when writing so the teacher knows exactly what you're talking about.     Rebecca Young

This will be my sixth online course.  The key to success for an online course is time management.  You must stay current with your reading assignments.  It is also key to check the Blackboard.    Rene Phillips

I have taken like three online classes before even though I really do not like taking them. I just always try to set a certain time and day each week to do all my homework for my online class, that’s the only way I won’t forget to do it. Also downloading the blackboard app on my phone helps a lot because you get constant updates just in case something was to change.     Emily Mentrup

The major keys to my success in online courses are time management and organization.  Time management is important because it is easy to lose track of time and miscalculate the amount of time an assignment or test will take online; therefore it is best to manage time and budget enough time by making online classes and assignments a priority.  Then organization has been important to my success because I tend to take multiple online courses during one semester and it is easy for me to get confused about deadlines between all of my classes; therefore if I am organized, it makes it easier to complete assignments at the right times and for the right classes.     Maddison Byrd

Advice to potential online students from unsuccessful online students...

    1. Stay up with course activities – don’t get behind
    2. Use good time management skills
    3. Use good organization skills
    4. Set aside specific time during each week for your online class
    5. Know how to get technical help
    6. A lot of writing is required
    7. There is a lot of reading in the textbook and in online discussion – be prepared
    8. Regular online communications are needed
    9. Ask the professor if you have questions
    10. Carefully read the course syllabus
    11. Be sure you understand the requirements of the online course discussions
    12. Understand how much each online activity is worth toward your grade
    13. Go to the online student orientations

The majority of advice given by unsuccessful students refers to the soft skills students need to successfully complete their online course

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