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Financial Aid Resources

Helpful Links

This is the site for the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. 

The College Board 
This site contains information about both admissions and financial aid. 

Completing the 2018-2019 FAFSA
This web site explains how to properly complete the FAFSA for the 2018-2019 school year.

FAFSA on the Web 
This is the site to electronically apply for federal student aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Web.

This is an excellent, free scholarship search service. 

The Financial Aid Page 
This is probably the most extensive and complete web page for all information relative to financial aid. This site is highly recommended.

Federal Financial Aid Page
The Federal Student Aid Gateway-the source for free information, guidance and tools for federal student assistance-from the U.S. Government.

National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS)
This is the site where you will do your Direct Loan Exit Counseling.

Scholarship Search
This is an excellent, free scholarship search service.

South Carolina Voter Registration 
The South Carolina Voter Registration web site allows you to register to vote on-line in the state of South Carolina.

The 2018-2019 Student Guide
This is the site of the 2018-2019 Student Guide. This resource is published annually by the US Department of Education.

US Department of Education 
This is the home page for the US Department of Education. 

US Department of Education's Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID Site 
This is the US Department of Education's online resource for requesting and making use of the FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID.

This is the site for the Internal Revenue Service and is where you can request copies of your tax return transcripts and W-2s.

This is the site for the National Association for Financial Aid Administrators.