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USCB Academic Affairs policies

300 Adjunct Faculty Evaluation
301 Credit Definition 
302 Full-time and Adjunct Faculty Annual Course Observation
303 Course Buyout Policy
304 Indirect Costs Allocation Policy
305 Faculty Fellowship & Research Opportunities Policy
306 One-Time Enrollment Fee for International Students Policy
307 FacultyStaff-Led Overseas Programs for Students Policy
308 International Travel Policy for Students

The following USC system policies cover all campuses:

ACAF 1.00 Recruitment and Appointment of Tenured, Tenure-Track, and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty 
ACAF 1.01 Recruitment and Appointment of Academic Administrators
ACAF 1.04 Student Evaluation of Courses
ACAF 1.05 Tenure Progress Review of Faculty: Third-Year Review
ACAF 1.06 Academic Titles for Faculty and Unclassified Academic Staff Positions
ACAF 1.15 Assignment of Collateral Duties or Transfer to Another Department
ACAF 1.30 Access to Tenure and Promotion Application Files
ACAF 1.31 Extension of Faculty Tenure-Track Probationary Period and Scheduled Post-Tenure Review
ACAF 1.33 Intellectual Property Policy
ACAF 1.34 Use of Self-Authored Materials by Instructor
ACAF 1.39 Software
ACAF 1.50 Outside Professional Activities for Faculty
ACAF 1.60 Modified Duties Semester for Faculty
ACAF 1.61 Faculty Dual Career Accommodation
ACAF 2.00 Creation and Revision of Academic Programs
ACAF 2.01 Establishment and Modification of Centers and Institutes
ACAF 2.02 Establishment and Modification of Academic Administrative Units
ACAF 2.03 Creation and Revision of Academic Courses
ACAF 2.04 Dual Enrollment Courses
ACAF 2.05 Consortial Academic Contracts and Agreements
ACAF 2.06 International Academic Agreements
ACAF 2.11 Substantive Change
ACAF 2.20 Academic Program Review
ACAF 3.03 Handling of Student Records
ACAF 3.05 Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Duty
ACAF 3.06 Establishing and Changing a Student's Official Name
ACAF 3.09 Registration Holds
ACAF 3.15 Classroom Scheduling
ACAF 3.17 Conference Related Activities
ACAF 3.40 Verification of Lawful Presence of Students
ACAF 3.70 Commencement Exercises
ACAF 4.00 Graduate Assistantships
ACAF 7.03 Private Requests for University Data