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Policies & Procedures

University Policies are formal policies and procedures at the University of South Carolina that have campus-wide or system-wide application.

USCB Policies & Procedures by Division:

Student Development
Business and Finance
Physical Plant
Recreation and Intramural Sports

The University uses a standard policy format and a uniform review and approval process for University Policies to improve communication, promote administrative consistency and efficiency, and ensure compliance with pertinent state and federal laws as well as state and regional accreditation requirements.

Guidelines for Use of USC Computers

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Exit Interview and On-line Exit Questionnaire

An exit interview is designed to gather information about the reason(s) for a person’s departure and to provide an employee a forum to share feedback about the work environment, culture, processes and systems, management, and professional development opportunities. The information obtained through an exit interview or questionnaire may reinforce the strengths of a unit or identify weaknesses and areas that need improvement.  

Departing employees may opt to complete an online exit questionnaire. Responses to the questionnaire are received and maintained by the Division of Human Resources. Completion of the questionnaire is voluntary. It is designed for classified and unclassified staff, tenured/tenure track and non-tenure track faculty, as well as research grant/time-limited staff who are separating from employment.  Departing employees may contact the Division of Human Resources Employee Relations Office for access to the online questionnaire, which requires a password. You may e-mail Employee Relations at The online questionnaire results will be monitored on a quarterly basis by the Division of Human Resources and feedback will be provided to management as appropriate. If a trend of negative feedback is identified, the Division of Human Resources will offer assistance to management to help address the issues.

Confidentiality is an important factor in the exit interview process. However, if an exit interview or questionnaire indicates that a reportable problem (i.e. threats in the workplace or charges of sexual harassment) is occurring, it will be the responsibility of the individual conducting the interview or collecting the questionnaire data to follow appropriate University policy in reporting such concerns or violations.

It is required that the employee leaving returns the following to the University

  • Keys
  • Purchasing Card (if applicable)
  • Computer equipment
  • Phone
  • Any other University owned equipment

For additional assistance or guidance relating to exit interviews, please call the Employee Relations Office at (803) 777.7550.