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Blackboard is an online course management system available to the entire USC community. Every course offered at USC has a Blackboard course generated for it. USC departments and organizations may also use Blackboard to share information.

  • Students: If you’re enrolled in a course that uses Blackboard, be sure to find out how Blackboard will be used in that course.
  • Instructors: Please inform your students on how Blackboard will be used in the course you are teaching.

For more information, visit the Blackboard web site.

ITAMS - USC utilizes an internet-based Time & Attendance Management Systems for recording time an attendance. Once you log into your VIP account, you will then be able to log in to ITAMS.
For more information, visit the ITAMS Training Page.

Training & Professional Development Webpage - Click Here.


IT training and helpful short videos

  • SC Deferred Comp Program - As you may be aware there are multiple educational resources available to employers and employees on the SCDCP website including an in-depth Brainshark video/program overview presentation that can be viewed on-demand.

  • The Dark Side of Email: How Email Works: Information contained in this video is applicable to both Windows and Mac users. In its most commonly used form, email should be treated as an insecure communications medium. To better understand the risks inherent with email use, a basic understanding of how email typically works is necessary. The University of South Carolina utilizes an on-line system ( for posting vacant positions and for accepting applications. All applications for any position must be submitted through the on-line system.\
  • The Dark Side of Email: Phishing: Information contained in this video is applicable to both Windows and Mac users. Have you ever received an email message asking you to update your username and password that looks legitimate but somehow feels like a scam? This video will clearly demonstrate how to spot a particular type of scam email, known as phishing, so you will not be a victim.
  • IT Security News and Tips

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