Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ's

Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ's

Where can I find directions to setup DUO?

What if I forgot my VIP ID password or security questions?

Please have users contact the Registrar's office to reset VIP ID passwords and security questions.

Can I set up DUO on more than one phone?

Yes, the self-service portal will allow users to configure multiple phones/mobile devices for DUO use.

What if I forget my phone at home?

Users are encouraged to configure multiple devices and authentication methods within the self-service portal. This will allow users to have many ways to authenticate. If multiple devices have not been configured, it is easy to visit the self-service portal to generate a single-use passcode, allowing authentication.

Do I need a smartphone to use DUO?

No, DUO allows users to authenticate using a smartphone, cellphone, landline, tablet, hardware token or YubiKey. We do recommend that users who have a smartphone elect to use DUO Push via the mobile app. Hardware tokens can be purchased through the campus bookstore.