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Getting Started with Blackboard

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an online course and learning management system available to the entire USCB community. Every course offered at USCB has a Blackboard course generated for it. All instructors of record and registered students have access to Blackboard and their course sites.

Becoming a Blackboard User

All students and instructors are automatically given a Blackboard account. You are also given a University email account ( or and this is automatically used as your email address for Blackboard. If you have questions about your USCB email account, you may contact the ITSS Service Desk, (843) 208-8086.

Creating Courses in Blackboard: Every course offered at USCB has a Blackboard course generated for it. USCB departments and organizations may also use Blackboard to share information.

Automatic Population of Courses: All courses will be created in Blackboard using information from the Registrars office prior to the start of the semester. All registered students will be given access to Blackboard and their course sites. Newly added students will be updated on a daily basis. Blackboard course rosters should not be considered official and will not reflect immediate changes.

  • Important: Instructors or administrators requesting access to a Blackboard course other than their own must receive permission from the instructor of the course prior to being granted access to the course or any material contained within.

Blackboard Account Information

Your Blackboard Username and password are the same as your Network Username and password. For information on your Network Username and password, including how to set or reset your password, please go here

- For assistance, contact the ITSS Service Desk or call (843) 208-8086. -