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Issue: Blackboard grade center columns automatically created for Tegrity Recordings.

A global setting in Tegrity was inadvertently modified over the summer when our Tegrity application was upgraded. I have disabled the option globally, but have found that it is still occurring for some.

If you notice gradebook columns have been created in your Blackboard courses, you will need to change the setting in each of your Tegrity courses, and then remove the Blackboard grade column in Grade Center.

To change the setting in Tegrity, log into your Blackboard course and select Tegrity Classes from the menu at left.  Once the Tegrity page loads, hover over the Course Tasks button at the left side to reveal the menu, and select Course Settings.

Tegrity Grade Center

Under the Publishing category, there is an option to Enable Gradebook Integration.  If this option is selected, uncheck the box next to it and click OK to save the change.  

Tegrity Grade Center

To remove a column from your Blackboard Grade Center, verify that the column is the correct one to remove by clicking the arrow at the top of the column and selecting “Quick Column Information” and check the Category to make sure it says “Tegrity.”   Click the arrow again and select “Delete Column” from the available choices.  Click OK to save your changes in Blackboard. 

If you have multiple courses, you may need to make these changes for each course in the Grade Center and in Tegrity.