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Page Status | Checking Pages In and Out

Status indicators reflect the state of an OU Campus page. These icons are shown on many screens that display listings of content. For example:

OU | File Checked OutA "lit light bulb" indicates a page is checked out to the currently logged in user

OU | File LockedA "red lock" indicates the page is checked out to another user.

OU | File Un-LockedThe "unlit light bulb" indicates the file is available to check out.

OU | Checked OUt

It is important to note that pages will remain checked out to the user until:

  1. The page is Published.
  2. The user checks the page back into the system by clicking on the yellow light bulb.
  3. The page is checked back in by an administrator.

***NOTE: Only one person at a time can check out/edit a page. Please be sure that your page is checked back in when finished editing, so it can be made available to others to edit.

- For assistance, contact the ITSS Service Desk or call (843) 208-8086. -