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How Do I Log in to OU Campus?

When editing the website you need to have permission to edit a page. When you're acccount is first set-up you will receive access to the pages/sections that you have been requested to update. ***NOTE: If you log in to a webpage that you do not have permission to edit, you will see a red “Error has occurred” message, with access denied. You are actually logged in but you do not have permission to edit that page. If you need access to edit that page please contact the helpdesk or call 208-8086 and we will arrange to get you access.

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to edit.
    (For best results please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

    USCB Sample Web Page
  2. Once you have the page you want to edit open in your browser, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "@" sign located after the word "Copyright" near the bottom.
    (see screen shot below for location).

    USCB Website Editing Link
  3. Once you click the "@" sign a new window will open. Please select "University of South Carolina" from the pull down list and click "Remember my selection permanently." Once this is checked and you login, you be able to skip this login screen the next time you login.

    USCB InCommon Login Page
  4. After you click the "NEXT" button a new page will open. This is your main login page which you will see everytime you login. Enter your university issued username and password then click "Login."

    USCB Shibboleth Login page
  5. After clicking the "Login" button and successfully entered your university issued username and password, you will be logged into the OU Campus CMS.

    USCB Logged in to OU Campus

 - For assistance, contact the ITSS Service Desk or call (843) 208-8086. -