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Inserting Images


  1. To insert an image, position the cursor where the image should be inserted
    and click the "Insert/Edit Image" icon.
    Insert/Edit Image Icon
  2. The location of the image can be manually entered in the Image URL field, but to take full advantage of link management, click the "Browse" icon to browse to the image as in this manner the image will be assigned a dependency tag.

    OU | Browse Images
  3. An image can be selected by doing one of the following:
    • Select image from the list or use the site tree to navigate
      to the already uploaded image.

      OU | Select Image
    • Uploading an image (for info on uploading files, Click Here).
  4. Once the image has been selected, click "Insert".
  5. Enter an "Image Description" or you will receive an error message
    "Image description cannot be blank".
  6. Appearance Tab:
    • It is best practice to size your image BEFORE upload but small dimension adjustments can be made here. To add some space around the image, use the “Vertical Space” and “Horizontal Space.” This is done in pixels and generally between three (5) and five (10) will provide enough. A “Border” is also identified in pixels. Leave blank or 0 for no border. If you want a border, two (1 or 2) should normally be sufficient.

      OU | Image Edit Appearance Tab
    • The “Alignment” field allows the image to be aligned on the page and
      allow text to wrap around image.  

      OU | Image Edit Appearance Tab | Alignment


- For assistance, contact the ITSS Service Desk or call (843) 208-8086. -