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Navigating OU Campus Using the Site Tree

Once logged into OU, you can also access pages by navigating the Site Tree. 
Click on Content and then Pages.

OU | Menu Content-Pages

Use the Content/Pages view (shown below) to navigate to the folder/page that needs to be edited. If access to a particular folder or page has not been granted, the folder/page will show up as plain black text instead of a blue hyperlink. Click the "folder icon" to open the folder and view the pages within.

OU | Content-Pages List

OU | home iconClick the "House" icon (in the upper/left) to navigate to the home/main directory of the website.

OU | Folder IconClick a "Folder" icon to drill down to the next level of pages.

OU | Page IconClick file name to open it in the editor.

Take as a page you want to edit.
To get to this page from the navigation tree:

  1. Click the "Home" (house icon).
  2. Click "about_us" (folder icon) folder in the list.
  3. Click "index.pcf" (page icon) in the list to open the editor.

- For assistance, contact the ITSS Service Desk or call (843) 208-8086. -