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Lowcountry Community Concert Band

Lowcountry Community Band

OLLI at USCB sponsors The Lowcountry Community Concert Band.

(LCCB) , whose purpose is to contribute positively to the musical environment of the Lowcountry while providing an opportunity for education, growth and individual musical expression among its membership.

The LCCB provides opportunities for musicians of all ages to play together for enjoyment as well as to perform for the community. It is a place where musicians of all abilities come together because of a common interest—instrumental music. 

The Lowcountry Jazz Band is a sub-group of the LCCB and is primarily an academic group that promotes and curates jazz in the context of a large ensemble dynamic or “big band.”

Both groups rehearse every Tuesday during the USCB semester, on the USCB Bluffton campus.   OLLI members are invited to attend these rehearsals:

  • LCCB Jazz Band – 5:00 PM
  • LCCB – 7:00 PM

For more information call the OLLI office at 843-208-8247 OR go to