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Teach A Class

OLLI at USCB welcomes and appreciates new and returning instructors and invites course proposals that range from academic subjects to skills and activities.  We also encourage a variety of teaching formats, including facilitated discussions of books, films, or ideas; informational lectures; hands-on instruction; and field trips.

Once you submit a proposal, the Curriculum Committees (Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head) will review and schedule courses of the upcoming term.  You may be contacted for additional information and, if your course has been accepted for a particular semester, you will be notified.  Not all proposals are accepted as initially presented and you may be asked either to refine a proposal or submit it for a subsequent academic term.

POLICY:  Classes must not be used by the instructor to promote a book, business, profession, or political candidacy.  At the beginning of the first class session, you may identify any affiliation you have with a business or organization. However, no self-promoting materials are to be displayed or sold during the course and no self-promotion is allowed during class interaction.  Additional information on OLLI at USCB’s Policy on Self Promotion can be found here.

Current semesters for which course proposals are being considered: