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As a member-led program, OLLI at USCB relies on the talents, skills, and time of members to support its activities and to keep membership costs affordable.  Your participation as an OLLI volunteer deepens connections with other members and provides an opportunity for you to pursue interests and develop new skills.

Volunteering at OLLI can and should be personally satisfying and rewarding.  Keep in mind that you don’t need prior experience in a particular field, although this is always welcome and in a few cases, necessary.  But everyone has the ability to help in some way.  You should not volunteer for more than you want to do.  Your time is valuable and we won’t ask you to put in more time than you can handle comfortably.

Here are some ways that you can volunteer at OLLI USCB


All OLLI USCB courses are taught by volunteer instructors.  Our instructors come from all walks of life.  Some are retired, some are not.  All desire to share their knowledge and experience with an interested and engaged body of students.  OLLI USCB is fortunate to have such a variety of highly qualified and interesting instructors.

Kathleen Jordan - Beaufort Curriculum ChairCurriculum Committee:

Serve on one of the regional curriculum committees (presently Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head), assisting with the development and scheduling of OLLI programs.  We are always looking for additional OLLI members to help find new and interesting classes and instructors.  Responsibilities include soliciting and reviewing proposals from potential instructors, and to identify and develop courses and programs that benefit the interests of the membership.

Class Assistant: 

Usually handled by someone already registered in a class, the class assistant is responsible for taking attendance prior to the class, distributing any class materials, collecting evaluations after the final class period, and returning all materials to the OLLI office.  Class assistant opportunities exist for both classroom and off-campus classes.


Office work in one of the OLLI locations; make and answer phone calls, retrieve messages, handle inquiries, filing, mailing, and otherwise assist the clerical staff with tasks, as requested.  Hours and days are flexible, and training will be provided.

Special Projects: 

As needed.

If you would like to volunteer please contact:

Erica Martin