USCB Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card is a Visa credit card issued by Bank of America. It is a fast, flexible purchasing tool which offers an alternative to the existing purchasing processes and provides an extremely efficient and effective method for purchasing and paying for supplies, selected contractual services, memberships/fees and dues (with appropriate signature authority) with a total value of $4,999 or less. The card is to be used only for official University of South Carolina purchases.

The Purchasing Card will enable you to purchase non-restricted commodities, by telephone or in person, directly from the vendors. It will eliminate the need for issuing low dollar purchase orders.

The Purchasing Card will be issued in the employee's name with the State of South Carolina emblem, the wording "For Official Use Only" and the "University of South Carolina" clearly indicated on the card.

The Purchasing Card policies and procedures manual can be downloaded here.

Cardholder Request Form
Card Cancellation Form
Dispute Form
Missing Receipt Affidavit
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