Environmental Club

The Environmental Club at USCB

The Environmental Club at the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) is an organization with projects directed towards making a difference to the environment at the southern coastal region of South Carolina. The selected projects have a focus on important challenges that we have identified and require a resolution. Additionally, the club is also very active in raising awareness to the community. Membership is open to university students at USCB at any level. If you are interested in joining the club, please contact the director.

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 Events & Fundraisers for 2019/2020

                Native Plant Sale (September 28th, 2019) in collaboration with the South
                Carolina Native Plant Society (SCNPS), South Coast Chapter (https://scnps.org/).

                Symposium on Recycling (April of 2020).  More information coming soon.

 Active Projects

                  Implementation of an Improved Recycling Program at a coastal SC university.

                  Ms. Claudia Doll (B.S. Biology) who was the 2018/2019 president, started this project,
                  in which the goal was to allow a coastal SC university to have single stream recycling.
                  The university has a student enrollment of 2100 students and only recycles paper.
                  The efforts brought forward by Ms. Doll are still in motion with the new administration
                  and we are planning to establish the improved recycling program before 2020.

 Completed Projects

                The Greenhouse at USC Beaufort (2017).

                 In the spring semester of 2017, substantial developments were made to the USC
                 Beaufort greenhouse by the environmental club members and organic vegetable
                 gardening took place.  Since that year, the greenhouse continues to operate.

Make a Donation to the Environmental Club

                If you would like to make a donation to The Environmental Club at USCB, you can use
                your credit card or you can make a check payable to the "USC Educational Foundation."
                For either payment method, please contact Dr. Edward D'Antonio by email at
                edantonio@uscb.edu for more information.


Meet the Team: Administration for the 2019/2020 Term

               Director: Dr. Edward L. D'Antonio
               President: Kelsey Kersey
               Vice President: Christina Adams
               Secretary & Treasurer: Lincoln Fuller
               Event Coordinator: Stephanie Keller
               Gifts Manager: Emma Kay Leftwich
               Staff Support: Kathryn Madden & Norman Varnes

Contact Us Here

                Mailing Address:
                          Attn: The Environmental Club at USCB
                          University of South Carolina Beaufort
                          Science and Technology Bldg., Rm. 107
                          1 University Boulevard
                          Bluffton, South Carolina
                          United States of America


                         +1 843-208-8101