Message from the Director

Dear Sandshark Family,

On behalf of all of us in Housing & Judicial Affairs, welcome to USC Beaufort!  I want to thank you for taking the time to explore our website and learn more about the opportunities and benefits that are in store for you when you decide to live on-campus in one of our communities. Our talented staff members and student leaders are committed to serving you and working with you to create an atmosphere conducive to academic, intellectual, social and emotional growth. University Housing is a place we hope you will be proud to call your home while at USC Beaufort.

Whether you are a new or returning student, University Housing professional staff members along with Resident Advisors (RAs), will help you meet other students, learn your way around and become involved in campus life. Being part of the on-campus community means more than just residing within four walls. Living within Palmetto Village & Grace White House provides opportunities for interpersonal interactions with other students, faculty and staff members; access to campus resources; and above all else, it provides a connection to the campus community.

During your time at USCB, you will undoubtedly grow in every area of your life. The Housing staff will do its best to make USCB & on-campus living, a place where memories and experiences of lasting importance, continue to be the norm for every student, but we count on you to help us reach that goal. No matter whom you are or where you’ve come from or what you want to learn here, very little can happen without the enthusiasm and participation of the students who live on-campus.

There are countless ways to make good use of your time at USCB, but they all begin with YOU and a willingness to meet new people and try new things, and a desire to make your mark. Let us help you do that!

If you need assistance, before, during, or after living in University Housing, please contact the staff by calling (843) 208-8722 or emailing us at  We look forward to working with you throughout your time living on-campus at USCB!


Deonne Yeager
Director, Housing & Judicial Affairs