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FAQs: Getting Started

How To Apply

After accessing the Housing page through my Self Service Carolina account, there is not a link to the Housing application. What do I do?
Contact the Housing Office at (843) 208-8722.
On the requested roommate page, I tried to request a roommate, but the search results did not include my roommate or did not match any records. How can I request my roommate?
Your requested roommate has to be accepted and submitted their intent to enroll in order to be located in the system.If your request meets these requirements, then check the spelling of your requested roommate's last name and verify that you have entered the email address correctly. Also try one of the two emails or If neither of these work please contact the housing office.
I requested roommates, but it says "unconfirmed" next to my roommate's name. What does that mean?
All roommate requests will say "unconfirmed" when you select the roommate and have not completed the application. If you have completed the application and your roommate request still says "unconfirmed," then your requested roommate has either not submitted an application or has not confirmed you as a requested roommate. You should contact your requested roommate to discuss why they have not confirmed the request. Unconfirmed roommates will not be assigned together.
Will I be notified when my requested roommate is placed in my room?
It will be your responsibility to continuously check your roommate status on Self Service Carolina (for instructions please click here). No official notification will be sent to students as they receive roommates.
Who is required to pay the $150 Room Reservation Fee and Application Fee?
Any new USCB student is required to pay the Room Reservation Fee and Application fee before they can complete the housing application. Any current USCB student who is applying to live in university housing for the first time is also required to pay the Room Reservation Fee and Application fee.
Can I edit my application?
Any student who has completed the housing application can make changes to some sections of the application until June 1st. Login to your Self-Service Carolina account and access the Housing Application Home. Select "Edit Housing Application." You can edit the roommate matching questions, requested roommates, room type, emergency contact information, and personal information. After June 1st, please contact the Housing Office to make changes.However, no changes to roommate requests will be made after June 1st.
How can I cancel my Housing Application?
For new students you must email the housing office at and put your cancellation in writing.nbsp You are encouraged to read the section on the Housing website regarding the cancellation policy and penalties before cancelling. Please note the additional cancellation information below:

Notification Received by 5 PM, June 1st:
Contract cancelled, $100 room reservation fee is refunded.

Notification Received June 2nd - August 13th:
Contract cancelled. No refund due.

Notification Received August 14 or later:
Contract cancelled, Room charges are refunded based on university schedule and 25% of room rate cancellation fee is applied.
Notification received by 5 PM, June 1st:
Contract Cancellation, no cancellation fee.

Notification received June 2-August 13th:
Contract cancelled with 25% of room rate cancellation fee.

Notification received August 14th or later:
Contract cancelled, Room charges are refunded based on university schedule and 25% of room rate cancellation fee is applied.
How are room and roommate assignments made?
All room and roommate assignments are based on information that is provided in your housing application. Emphasis is placed on bedtime, wake up time, cleanliness and study habits. Please answers these questions as honestly as possible.
What if I need special accommodations for housing?
All potential accommodations and disabilities must be registered with the Office of Disability Services. For more information please contact Megan Metzcus Newton at