Residency Requirement

Residency Requirement

All new students are required to live in Housing unless one or more of the following exemption reasons is applicable.Please read the options carefully and choose the option that best applies to your situation.

If you decide to submit an exemption request, please make sure to submit all required documentation with your request.Incomplete requests will not be approved until all supporting documentation is provided.

Reason(s) to Request an Exemption

  • Students who plan to live with their parents or guardian in their permanent address and live within 50 miles of the USCB Bluffton campus, verified with a statement from parent or guardian and copy of a utility bill with parent's or guardian's name and address.
    NOTE: (Students who live within 50 miles of the Beaufort campus must show that the majority of their classes are located on the Beaufort campus to qualify. Students can submit their class schedule after Orientation.)
  • Students who have completed 2 or more semesters of full-time post-secondary education
    NOTE: 2 summer sessions are equal to one semester
  • Students who are married, verified with a certified copy of the marriage certificate
  • Students who have dependents or legal guardianship of a sibling(s)
  • Students whose medical conditions require special housing that cannot be provided by the University, verified with a statement from an attending physician
  • Students who are over the age of 21, as verified with a driver's license

Please click here to access and complete the Housing Exemption Form.

If you have any questions regarding the exemption process, please contact Housing at (843) 208-8722 or