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Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct is the violation of University policies by tampering with grades or taking part in obtaining or distributing any part of an un-administered test.

Academic misconduct may include:

  • Stealing, buying or otherwise obtaining all or part of an administered test
  • Selling or giving away all or part of an un-administered test, including answers to an un-administered test
  • Bribing any other person to obtain an un-administered test or any information about the test
  • Entering a building, office or computer system for the purpose of changing a grade or work for which a grade is given
  • Changing, altering or being an accessory to the changing and/or altering of a grade in a grade book, on a test, a “change of grade” form or other official academic records of the University which relate to grades
  • Entering a building, office or electronic system for the purpose of obtaining an un-administered test
  • Failing to complete work on a test within the established time period as provided by the instructor.