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Honor Code Responsibilities

The USCB Honor Code establishes the general standards of academic accountability for students at USCB. All members of the academic community of the University share the responsibility to advance, support and enforce academic honesty and integrity. The following obligations must be assumed by students and faculty of the University in order to meet this responsibility:

  • Prepare thoroughly for examinations and assignments
  • Take the initiative to prevent other students from copying exams or assignments
  • Discourage dishonesty among other students
  • Refuse to assist students who cheat
  • Report observed cases of academic dishonesty immediately
  • Maintain the confidentiality of examinations by not disclosing any information, whether directly or indirectly, to another student still to write that same examination
  • Consult with faculty and other sources to clarify the definition of plagiarism
  • Learn to recognize techniques of proper attribution of sources used to prepare written work and identify allowable resource materials or aids to be used during examinations or completion of any graded work
  • Conduct all academic work within the letter and spirit of academic honesty, which prohibits giving or receiving unauthorized aid in the academic process
  • Discuss the issues of cheating, academic misconduct, fabrication and plagiarism at the beginning of each semester and before major exams or assignments
  • Make sure students understand the reference requirements for assigned papers and the extent of collaboration expected or allowed on class or team projects
  • Verify faculty signatures on change of grade forms
  • Exercise caution in the preparation, duplication and security of examinations to ensure that students cannot gain improper advance knowledge of their contents
  • Specify prior to an examination or assignment what materials (books, notes, equipment, etc.) students may have in their possession or to what degree they may collaborate and
  • Prepare new exams each semester or administer alternate forms of the same exams.