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Resources for Students

General USCB Resources External Links

First Year English (FYE) at USCB
Placement information, course descriptions, and resources from the Department of English and Theater.

"The Rhetorical Situation"
Dr. Kilgore and Ms. Lang

"Understanding Arguments"
Dr. Kilgore and Ms. Lang

Verbs for Academic Analysis
A list of verbs to help students explain what an author is doing

The Neglected Art of Quoting
Please don't neglect these simple and stylish ways of quoting in your paper.

The Quote Burger
You'll never forget this juicy way of arranging your paragraphs. Be generous with the lettuce and never forget the citation (onion).

Sample Research Problems
Distinguishing among a research topic, a research problem, and the significance of your research.

English 101 Lib Guide and English Lib Guide from the USCB Libraries.

Purdue OWL
This site offers information on essay and paragraph structure, grammar and punctuation, MLA and APA formatting, and much more. An excellent resource for both instructors and students.

University of Wisconsin: Common Writing Assignments
A list and overview of commonly assigned writing assignments at the college level, and how to approach them.

Resources for
English 101 - Composition
Resources for
English 102 - Composition and Literature

Sample 101 Body Paragraphs:
Account of an Argument
Relational Analysis (Relating one source to another)

Other Resources:
Charting a Text
(to give an account of an argument)

Types of Arguments

Writing an Argument: Invention, Arrangement, Style

Relational Terms
How to describe how different sources relate.

Sample 102 Body Paragraphs:
Literary Analysis
Researched Analysis with a Critical Lens

Critical Lenses:
Performing Analysis with a Critical Lens
Types of Critical Lenses

Other Resources:
Literary Toolbox
A list of common literary terms and ways to use them in a paper.

Quoting from Literary Texts & MLA Works Cited
A lot of help in one handout.