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To add more resources during COVID-19, Career Services will use this page to offer relevant career advice and resources.

Career Resources Podcasts

Successfully navigating remote learning and work pushes all of us to gain new skills and provides the time to tackle projects that were being left undone. While there are a lot of challenges these days, one of the benefits is time to improve oneself. A great way to build skills is to listen to podcasts.

Daniel Botero has written the book, Mastering College to Career, that provides strategies for college students to successfully navigate the transition from “college to life.”  Daniel is a fist generation college graduate from the University of Central Florida who found the value of connecting with his career services program before he graduated. From this experience not only did he learn how to plan his career path, but he also uncovered his passion for helping other college students plan theirs. (His career is outlined in podcast #131 if you’d like to hear more about his journey.) Some of you may identify with his story. All of you will benefit from his insight. His podcast is the first on the list because I think his content is particularly relevant for college students no matter what your background.

These podcasts are recommended as providing helpful career related information.They are easy to access by searching by title or name in an Apple podcast app. The list also links to the web pages when applicable. After listening to these experts, if you find you have questions email  to set up an appointment.

Graduate's Guide to Getting Hired During Covid-19 

The Graduate's Guide to Getting Hired During Covid-19 is a resource from that provides information on the job market during the coronovirus; choosing a career path that suits your interests, values,  and skills; and the top industries with the most jobs and internships in 2020.

Career Thoughts and Tips for Upcoming Graduates

Jack Kelly, a senior contributor with Forbes magazine shares great advise for upcoming college graduates in his article, "How Soon-To-Be College Graduates Can Job Hunt During the Coronavirus Outbreak." Mr. Kelly recognizes that even during normal times, college seniors experience career related anxiety, but at this time the typical concerns rise to a new level. It's hard work preparing  perfect resumes, cover letters and LInkedIn profiles. It's tough to find time to research companies when capstone classes have deadlines and exams loom. Putting together the perfect interview outfit takes time and money during normal times. Now, with COVID-19, the job search rules are changing. Here are some of the tips that Mr. Kelly shares in his article.

He suggests that you gather the skills you will need to have great phone and or video interviews since employers are going to forego in-person interviews at this time. Phone interviews can be difficult because you do not have the face-to-face interaction to see expressions and to share your great smile, but they do provide you the opportunity to keep notes out while answering questions. It's important to find a quiet place with strong reception during a phone interview. Video interviews give you the opportunity to see the person you're meeting and something about their surroundings, but remember they can see your surroundings too. Be sure to find a spot with a pleasing space in the background for video interviews. It should not be too cluttered or too personal. Think about positioning yourself in front of a healthy plant, bookshelves, or interesting artwork

Mr. Kelly recommends that you build a robust social media presence. Once you have created a strong resume with the help of USCB Career Services and/or faculty, you are in a good position to build your LinkedIn profile from it. You may want to add some project work, presentations, or blog links to the profile to showcase your skills. Use the LinkedIn profile to target companies where you would like to work and connect with employees who work there, especially those in human resources. Post articles with relevant content that show you're engaged and relevant. Join discussions and add comments to what others publish in your career field. Also, don't forget about all of your other social media profiles. Make sure everything about yourself in a public domain is professional. 

Mr. Kelly encourages you to do a thorough research of corporate websites while time is on your side. Review the entry-level jobs that are posted and apply to those that match your interests and skills. Get alerts from job posting websites like Ziprecruiter or Indeed.(You can find a list of these search engines in the Student Resources section of this website.) Apply for positions by thoroughly answering every question on an application, by submitting a resume and a cover letter. Cover letters help you bridge your skills to your sincere interest in the company's position. Follow up whenever possible by emailing or calling the hiring authority with the company.

Finally, Mr. Kelly urges you stay mentally tough during this time. He counsels that the job search process make take longer than it did before COVID-19. He suggests that you look for ways to save money even if it means moving back home or keeping a roommate. Use the extra time to do an especially good job finding just the right opportunity for you and if you need to help figuring things out, contact Alison Reynolds at AR60@uscb,edu, 

*More articles for seniors and undergraduates will be posted while we are all away from campus. Watch for updates in the USCB Facebook group and through Instagram. Take a look at the Student Resources page and at the Student Intern Spotlight for more resources that can help you at this time.

The Career Compass Squad

Join the newest student organization at USCB - the Career Compass Squad! The Career Compass Squad is a volunteer service and leadership experience that provides students the opportunity to gain competency in career readiness skills while learning about various career paths such as Student Development, Graphic Design, Human Resources, Event Planning, Business Management, Marketing, Public Relations, and more. Members act as a valuable source of information and strengthen Career Services engagement with the USCB community on a student-to-student level. Members will act as liaisons between employers and potential student employees.

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