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Big Interview

USCB Career Services is pleased to announce this powerful interviewing tutorial program, Big Interview. To schedule a classroom demonstration, contact Alison Reynolds at AR60@uscb.edu or follow this link to Big Interview to create your own account to see first hand the capabilities of this service. If you would like to be added as an administrative user, contact Alison Reynolds at the email above and she will set up your account.



You can direct students and employers to our online job posting platform, HIRE USCB. Students can access numerous video tutorials on career related topics and employers can post their job opportunities. If a student or employer experiences any technical difficulties, they can contact Alison Reynolds at AR60@uscb.edu

Classroom/Student Organization Meeting Presentations

Looking for topics and presenters for your next class or meeting? Career Services would appreciate the opportunity to present to your class or organization, and are prepared to cover a variety of topics.  Email Alison Reynolds, AR60@uscb.edu, to schedule a classroom presentation.

Possible presentations include:

  • Career Services overview
  • Choosing a major
  • Career options for specific majors
  • Selecting a graduate school and completing the application process
  • Job search techniques
  • Writing and perfecting your resume
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Planning for the Career Fair
  • Building your resume with internships, volunteering, and part-time jobs
  • Finding part-time jobs on or off campus

Topics may be combined, or we can work with you to develop a specific program for your class or group. Most of these presentations require a minimum of one half hour to one hour. A minimum of 2 weeks advance notice is required.

Building Career Skills for your Departments/Majors/Minors 

By joining us in presenting student programming, we can offer events that are most relevant to students in your Departments/Majors/Minors. Partnership opportunities could include but are not limited to:

  • Career education workshops and panels: From career goals to self-assessment, these sessions help students define their direction.
  • Alumni speakers: Invite alumni to visit USCB to share their experiences.
  • Industry information sessions: From job options to academic and career paths, students learn about the pathways into specific fields.

Going to a conference or meeting and need a substitute teacher to cover for you?

Career Services can help you by stepping into your classes as a substitute teacher.  Rather than cancel class, we can hand out in class assignments or other class materials.   Of course we will take this opportunity to plug Career Services and connect with your students.  Two weeks advance notice is required and is based upon availability. To arrange this please send an email to careerservices@uscb.edu.

Helping students connect with Career Services

Career Services Website: www.uscb.edu/careerservices
Make an appointmentAR60@uscb.edu 
Appointments are held at Bluffton Campus, Library Room 209, unless an appointment is specifically requested to be held at the Historic Beaufort Campus. Currently all appointments are virtual.

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