Student Intern Spotlight

Internship Spotlight: Micro-Internships 


With the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent social distancing guidelines, traditional internship opportunities may become more difficult to find. A great way to earn some cash, build relevant career skills, and gain resume worthy experience is to engage in short term project based work that allows you to work remotely. These types of jobs are sometimes called micro-internships.

Temporary project work can be considered a micro-internship because these types of opportunities allow you to gain professional experiences that use the skills that you are learning in college. Parker Dewey, the leading micro-internship job website for college students, advises that these positions give companies the opportunity to provide immediate short term project support to their professional staff and also helps them identify talent that may be hired for a full-time internship or full-time position upon graduation. Students benefit not only from the salary earned, but also from the early exposure that can lead to the more permanent positions.

The  Parker Dewey website contains resources for those who are interested in learning more about the micro-internships, how they work, and tips for completing assignments. Before reviewing the link, you may want to listen to this podcast that explains the benefits of engaging in these types of opportunities.

Researching these jobs, that develop skills that can be highlighted on a resume and showcased during an interview, is time well spent while you are sequestered at home and away from campus. The following information about where to find other project based work came from The Balance Small Business website. The article also explains the nature of gig-based project work and how to prepare to market your skills. 

  • is specifically for people in creative industries, including photographers, designers, illustrators and more.
  • Fiverr claims to be the biggest global network of freelancers. This site offers freelance positions in a variety of fields, from tech to graphic design to music to writing. Some of these jobs pay only $5 - $10, but can still be a great way to build your skills.
  • offers several different kinds of job opportunities, including fixed-price and hourly projects. A unique feature of this website is that job seekers place bids on jobs and receive the job if their bid is accepted.
  • Gigster, now Upstack, is a niche job site specifically looking for IT people with a focus on software development. Gigster requires you to go through a screening process to be accepted on the site and they take a percentage of your fee for any project, but these projects can be a very lucrative.
  • lists thousands of freelance jobs in a variety of categories. You can post previous work to demonstrate your skills on this website and it provides a virtual "work room" where you can schedule tasks, communicate with employees, and share materials.
  • allows freelancers to find gigs in a number of industries and telecommuting jobs. 
  • TaskRabbit is less about project based work and more about doing tasks and chores for individuals. TaskRabbit notifies you of jobs nearby, and you can select the ones you want to complete. This could be a way to help those in need during these stressful times.
  • Toptal helps IT and finance freelancers find gigs. Jobs range from coding to software engineering to web design to financial modeling. Toptal only accepts a percentage of freelancers who apply and will have candidaes complete a series of screenings and interviews first. If  you are selected you have access to some really great work opportunities.
  • Upwork offers a variety of projects for freelancers to complete. You can track your hours and get paid through this webservice which streamlines the process when you are working for multiple companies.
  • Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) promotes virtual internships for students that advances the work of the government on multiple fronts. Students can work remotely and can set their own schedules. This is one especially for college students!