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Accessibility Services


Accessibility Services is one of the support services provided by the Student Development Department. The University of South Carolina Beaufort believes academically qualified individuals with disabilities should have equal opportunity and access to a quality college education. We are actively involved in fostering an environment that encourages full participation by students with disabilities in every segment of the University. Accessibility Services facilitates services and accommodations to meet the various needs of students with disabilities at the University, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

All students must meet the same admissions criteria. Our office does not determine the acceptance of students to USCB. For further information on admission requirements, please contact Admissions at (843) 208-8055.


For information on Accessibility Services, please contact Counseling and Accessibility Services (843) 208-8375 or

Deidre Miller, MEd, NCC
Accessibility Services Coordinator or
(843) 208-8375

Announcement regarding Accommodations related to COVID

The CDC has advised that people with certain underlying medical conditions are or might be at an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. If a student believes they are diagnosed with one of the underlying conditions and is concerned about returning to campus for face-to-face instruction for fall semester 2020, please advise them to contact Accessibility Services to learn more about seeking a temporary accommodation of all remote/online courses.

Also, if a student has a concern about wearing the face covering, they can reach out to Accessibility Services to discuss options and accommodations. Keep in mind, a disability-related accommodation for masks is not that you can be in public without a mask. Rather, it will involve us looking at other ways for you to access the programs or services. 

The student is required to complete paperwork, provide documentation from their licensed provider of the diagnosis and the concerns regarding COVID-19, and meet virtually with an Accessibility Services counselor to determine accommodations. Students are encouraged to reach out as soon as possible to begin this process by emailing

Last date to make this request is August 26, 2020, the last day to change/drop classes without a W.


South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation

South Carolina residents may be eligible for assistance through South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation. SC Vocational Rehabilitation may be able to assist you with education-related assessments and materials, if you are deemed to have a disability.

Click on the link below for further information: