First-Year Reading Experience

FYRE logoFirst-Year Reading Experience (FYRE)

USCB FYRE is an opportunity for students to have their first common learning experience before they arrive on campus for classes. Freshmen and new transfer students receive a copy of the book at summer orientation, which we encourage them to read before they return to campus in the fall. Throughout the school year, students have the chance to participate in special events planned around the book. The events will support the following learning outcomes:

  • Develop and enhance critical reading, thinking and writing skills
  • Build community through a common educational experience
  • Provide opportunities for students to gain cultural competence and understand different perspectives

2018 FYRE Book

In the Country We Love by Diane Guerrero

New first-year students coming to USCB will have the opportunity to read In the Country We Love this summer. The memoir by actress Diane Guerrero (Orange is the New Black, Jane the Virgin), written with Michelle Burford, begins with Guerrero's recollection of the day she came home to find her house empty and with no trace of her parents. As she learns of the news that her Colombian-born parents have been deported, Guerrero shares her tale of navigating life in the United States staying with friends, signing up for complicated student loans, dealing with depression, and more.

Readers will find that this memoir is full of complex themes such as identity, loss, depression, transition, and more, which we hope will launch discussions at FYRE events, in the classroom, in the dorm, and in our community. Check our Events page closer to the semester for ways to participate in this year's exciting events.

In the Country We Love Book Cover