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Placement Testing

USC Beaufort offers placement exams in foreign languages (Spanish and French) and mathematics.  These exams are used to determine proficiency in the tested subject areas and, in the case of math and foreign language exams, permit exemption from lower-level courses with movement to appropriate upper level course.

Most freshmen will need to take all placement exams, but some transfer students will need them also. If you are unsure of which placement exams you may need, please click here.

We ask that new freshmen coming to USCB take their placement exams no later than one week before attending new student orientation.  If students do not take the exam at least one week in advance, their course registration will be limited.

As mentioned, it is possible to exempt lower-level courses through the placement exams.  However, exemption of a lower-level course does NOT automatically result in course credit. If you took our French or Spanish placement exams and scored high enough to exempt any French or Spanish course, and want to take the higher-level course you placed into, you will need to take the USCB Foreign Language Challenge Exam.  The Challenge Exam is an oral exam that serves two purposes: (1) to confirm that the results of the placement exam are accurate and (2) to allow students to earn course credit for the lower-level courses, if a high enough score is earned. Any student who places above FREN or SPAN 101 that wishes to take a higher-level course MUST take the Challenge Exam to confirm accuracy of the placement exam.  If the student also wishes to use the Challenge Exam for course credit, s/he will need to pay $75 per exam taken. A B or higher must be earned in order for course credit to be received.

Challenge Exam FAQs can be found here.

If you want to know what course you exempted or placed into based on your placement exam score, please click here.

If you would like to schedule a Challenge Exam, please read and fill out the forms here.

All USCB placement exams can be taken online, anytime through Blackboard ( We highly recommend students take the exams from a desktop computer with a hard-wired internet connection, as students are only allowed one attempt per exam and laptop batteries may die or wireless may become disrupted during the test.  Desktop computers are available in the USCB library (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM) for anyone who does not have a computer at home.

Students should log into Blackboard to access the exams with their network username and password. For instructions on setting up your network username and password, click here.

Questions regarding placement exams? Please call (843) 208-8049 or email