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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do students in Sand Shark Scholars attend classes?
Sand Shark Scholars students take their courses at USCB on the Bluffton campus in Bluffton, SC. 

Where do students in Sand Shark Scholars live? May I live at home if I live in the USC Beaufort area?
Sand Shark Scholars students will live together in a residential community on USCB's Hilton Gateway campus in Palmetto Village. The Sand Shark Scholars Program is both an academic and residential program, so participation in the residential component is necessary and required.

Is the $300 deposit refundable? 
The confirmation deposit is refundable until May 1, 2019.  After May 1, the deposit will be non-refundable if the student decides not to participate in the program.

When is orientation for participants? 
Sand Shark Scholars are required to attend orientation TBD. Orientation will take place on the Bluffton Campus.  Orientation is a full-day program.  Please plan to be on-campus for the entire day. More information including the schedule will be posted in early summer and information will be emailed.

May I keep a car on campus?
Sand Shark Scholars students are allowed to park their vehicles on campus.  Palmetto Village has its own parking lot that can accommodate most residents' vehicles.

What are some of the advantages of being in Sand Shark Scholars?
Students will benefit from a variety of support programs and student services offered exclusively to participants such as a direct academic advising, study halls, specific courses, and access to tutoring services. Students will also have access to University of South Carolina Beaufort campus activities, including clubs and organizations, campus recreation, intramural sports, and athletic events.

Are there any campus activities restrictions for Sand Shark Scholars members?
Sand Shark Scholars participants cannot hold office in a club or organization or participate in intercollegiate athletics.  Sand Shark Scholars also cannot join Greek Organizations on campus while in the program.  Sand Shark Scholars also can not join any USCB athletic teams while in the program, however they can participate in intramurals.

How can I ensure that I will attend the University of South Carolina Beaufort after being in Sand Shark Scholars for one year?
Students will be eligible to attend the University of South Carolina Beaufort after earning 30 transferrable credits from USC Salkehatchie and achieving the required 2.0 GPA for USC Beaufort.

How long do I participate in Sand Shark Scholars?
Sand Shark Scholars is a one-year academic program designed to help students transfer into the University of South Carolina Beaufort.  Students who do not meet USC Beaufort transfer admission requirements after participating in Sand Shark Scholars may continue to be enrolled at USC Salkehatchie if otherwise eligible. However, if the student does not meet the requirements to transfer and wishes to stay enrolled at USC Salkehatchie, the student will not be eligible to attend class or live on campus at USC Beaufort. 

Do I have to earn 30 credits? May I transfer after attending USC Salkehatchie after one semester?
Sand Shark Scholars students must commit to participate in the program for the full academic year, including both fall and spring semesters. Students are expected to be enrolled full time and complete 30 hours of transferable credit in order to continue at USC Beaufort in fall 2019.

How can I be considered for financial aid in Sand Shark Scholars?
Students enrolled in Sand Shark Scholars will have their financial aid administered by Student Financial Services at USC Salkehatchie. Sand Shark Scholars students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 15. Please note the code for USC Salkehatchie is 003454. Visit  for additional information about USC Salkehatchie student financial assistance.

Am I eligible for any of the state scholarship and financial aid programs as a student in Sand Shark Scholars?
Yes, students who qualify for any state aid program, including the SC LIFE Scholarship and Lottery Tuition Assistance or SC need-based grants, are eligible for the award as a Sand Shark Scholars student. Please consult the Commission on Higher Education's website at for specific rules outlining state financial aid program requirements.

Do I have to purchase a meal plan at the University of South Carolina Beaufort?
Sand Shark Scholars students are required to purchase a meal plan at USC Beaufort.  Most first-year students at Beaufort find that the meal plan option available provide both cost-savings and convenience.

What is the cost to be in the Sand Shark Scholars Program?
The Sand Shark Scholars program fee covers academic success programs, student activity fees, fitness center access, athletic access and other program-specific offerings from institutions. Your tuition cost per semester will vary depending upon your legal residency status.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please email with your questions and contact information. A representative for the program will follow-up with your questions as soon as possible.