Students Connected Projects

Students Connected Projects

2017-2018 Projects

2018 Beaufort County Transportation Needs Assessment

Faculty: Caroline E. Sawyer, PhD, USCB Communication Studies
Project Partner: Fred Leyda, Ben Boswell, Together for Beaufort County

This project was part of the USCB's Students Connected. USCB communication studies students were given the opportunity to explore and apply communication research methods to a transportation project sponsored by the community partner, Together for Beaufort County. This project included an extensive four-pronged data collection with four groups of students collecting and analyzing the data in four parts of Beaufort County, SC.

The purpose of this project was to investigate, understand, and report on the current local-level transportation needs in Beaufort County such as number of potential passengers, the location of the potential passengers, the main barriers to using such transportation, and the potential outcome if a proposed transportation system was developed.