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Parking Decal Requests

Staff, faculty and vendors of USCB should request a parking decal in order to safely park at all USCB campuses. Click on the following links to be directed to an online form for the decal request.

Student Parking Decal Requests

With limited parking on our campuses, it is critical that all students park in those areas that assigned for students parking. Public Safety will be enforcing the parking policy with citations and towing at the owner's expense. Violators with three (3) or more tickets are eligible to have their vehicle towed.  Please be aware of the following parking policies:

  • Students living in student housing (with a PV permit) may ONLY  park in Palmetto Village parking lot (Parking lots "D").
  • Commuting students (with an "S" permit) must park in student designated lots ONLY. (Parking lots "B")
  • The Campus Center Lot (CC lot) is limited to Campus Center and Faculty Staff Parking permits ONLY.
Students Living On Campus Parking Decal Request

Students Living Off Campus Parking Decal Request

Any questions about parking can be directed to the Department of Public Safety at