Morgin Jones Williams, PhD

Morgin Jones Williams, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

SciTech Room 219
One University Boulevard
Bluffton, SC 29909
Office: 843-208-8313
Morgin Jones Williams, PhD

My name is Morgin Jones Williams. I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB). I am also a member of the Mathematics Opportunities in the Summer (MOS) leadership team. I have been teaching at USCB since fall semester 2017. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at Spelman College (2006), master’s degree in Applied Mathematics at Hampton University (2008), and doctoral degree in Teaching and Learning with a concentration in Mathematics Education at Georgia State University (2016). I identify as both a mathematics educator and mathematician with more than a decade of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Prior to graduate school, I spent several years teaching in the Mathematics Department at my alma mater, Spelman College. 

My research focuses on the historical invisibility of Black girls and women in the mathematics education research literature and the lack of inquiry into their complex, multidimensional K–12, undergraduate, and graduate teaching and learning experiences. I conduct narrative inquiry research alongside Black women who have earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics and explore their life and schooling experiences. My intention is to interrogate the longstanding beliefs about Black girls’ and women’s inferiority in mathematical spaces. Conducting this research affords me the opportunity to center Black women’s stories of experience, and ways they negotiate (and re-negotiate) their mathematical lives. My other research interests include mathematics identity construction, teaching and learning mathematics in higher education, and new teacher induction.  

USCB is an ideal fit for me on both a personal and professional level. I have built strong connections with colleagues and students from different academic disciplines and benefited from a collaborative and productive work environment. I thoroughly enjoy advising students majoring in mathematics and serving the university community.  

  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Research

PhD in Teaching and Learning in Mathematics Education. Georgia State University

MS in Applied Mathematics. Hampton University

BS in Mathematics. Spelman College

  • MATH B111 - College Algebra
  • MATH B115 - Precalculus Mathematics
  • MATH B142 - Calculus II
  • Life and Schooling Experiences of Black Women who Earned their Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics
  • Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Preparation of Secondary Mathematics Teachers
  • New Mathematics Teacher Induction