Equal Opportunity Employment (EOE)

Equal Opportunity Programs was created to ensure that applicants for employment, employees, and prospective and enrolled students of the University of South Carolina are protected against discrimination. Qualified individuals are provided with equal opportunity in both employment and academic instruction.


For more information, visit USC's EOE website.

Equal Opportunity Programs

Relevant USC Policies & Procedures
The language used in the Equal Opportunity policies of the University of South Carolina is not intended to create an employment contract between the employee and the University of South Carolina. The University reserves the right to revise the content of the Equal Opportunity policies, in whole or in part, with or without notice.

In all cases, the Equal Opportunity policies of the University of South Carolina are intended to be consistent with the prevailing state and federal laws and regulations. However, in the event the language contained in the Equal Opportunity policies conflicts with state and federal laws or regulations, the state or federal laws or regulations will control.

The University of South Carolina Office of Equal Opportunity Programs has the sole authority to interpret the Equal Opportunity policies.

To obtain an official copy of these policies please contact the USC Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.

  • EOP1.00: Equal Opportunity Policy
  • EOP1.01: Equal Opportunity Complaint Processing Procedures
  • EOP1.02: Sexual Harassment
  • EOP1.03: Discriminatory Harassment
  • EOP1.04: Non-Discrimination Policy