USCB has a long history of planning and assessment. Ongoing and systematic assessment is vital to the University’s continuous improvement initiatives and is critical in demonstrating the quality of the institution to the community and to external accrediting agents such as the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (SCCHE) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Outcomes Assessment

Planning, assessment and improvement at USCB are a shared responsibility.  The University has implemented an institutional effectiveness cycle with a feedback loop to ensure a continuous planning process related to the outcomes of its academic programs and administrative and support services.  USCB's planning and assessment process is broad based, systematic and appropriate to the institution.  With input from all units through the Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Council, the process continues to evolve with the goal of continuously improving academic programs and administrative and support services.

Institutional Effectiveness Council

USCB's Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Council reviews, monitors and revises the institutional-effectiveness and strategic-planning frameworks, processes and procedures of the University.  Reporting directly to the Chancellor, the IE Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Academic Affairs Council, the administrative and educational support units of the University and the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research.

IE Council Responsibilities

  • Conduct annual evaluations of USCB's Mission, Goals and Strategic Plan as well as institutional effectiveness and strategic planning processes.
  • Review and provide feedback on the Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes Assessment (IEOA) Reports. Forward the IEOA Reports, including budget implications, with recommendations to the chancellor for final decision.
  • Conduct academic program reviews.

IE Council Membership

Chancellor's Office

Community Outreach representative
President of Beaufort Employees Association of Classified and Non-Classified personnel (BEACON)

Academic Affairs

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Chair of Faculty Senate
Academic Department representatives

- Business Administration
- Education
- English and Theatre
- Hospitality Management
- Humanities and Fine Arts
- Library
- Mathematics and Computational Science
- Natural Sciences
- Nursing
-Social Sciences

Director of General Education
Director of Quality Enhancement Plan
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Grants representative


Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Development representative


Athletics Director

Enrollment Management

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Finance and Operations

Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations
Facilities and Maintenance representative

Information Technology

Chief Information Officer

Student Development

Vice Chancellor for Student Development
President of Student Government Association (SGA)

Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes Assessment (IEOA) Forms

Report Templates

2017-2018 IEOA Report Template
2016-2017 IEOA Report Template
2015-2016 IEOA Report Template
2014-2015 IEOA Report Template
2013-2014 IEOA Report Template


IEOA Report Evaluation Rubric
Institutional Effectiveness Manual