"Raise the Bar" Wellness Initiative

"Raise the Bar"

Raise the Bar - Wellness Initiative sponsored by Nursing and Health Professions

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Wellness Initiative sponsored by Nursing and Health Professions

Sign up for an hour-long, total body barbell workout using moderate weights. (No experience necessary.)

Open to Faculty and Staff (class size is 10 – so sign up fast)
September 10th – October 18th

Mondays and Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.
Aerobics Room of the Rec. Center

To register, go to www.uscb.edu/raisethebar

The class is an hour long, total body, barbell workout using low - moderate weights and high repetitions

  • It works every major muscle group and ends with core work and stretching
  • It is suitable for beginners, no prior experience is necessary
  • It is a great workout for both men and women
  • Each of the tracks is set to energizing, motivating music
  • It is not a dance class, so no coordination is necessary
  • The instructor will provide guidance about which weights to use for every track
  • Each class burns approximately 550 calories and you also get a great afterburn that keeps you burning more calories than normal even after the class has ended
  • You will increase both cardiovascular health and muscular endurance
  • You can win prizes for participation
  • You can meet more of your colleagues in an energizing environment
  • a chance to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones
  • Participation provides a great example to our students

Participation in physical activity / workouts such as this may help

  • improve elevated blood glucose
  • improve high blood pressure
  • improve high blood cholesterol
  • increase creativity
  • stress reduction
  • improve problem solving
  • improve bone health
  • increase core strength
  • tone the entire body

For more information, contact 843-208-2301