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First Year English

If You Need Only One Reason to Improve Your Writing Skills

Kelley Holland, "Why Johnny Can't Write, and Why Employers are Mad" (2013) CNBC.

Welcome, Students!

Students, here you'll find information about your First Year English program at USCB — a little bit about the courses you'll be taking, answers to some of the questions you may have, and some of our best advice for you.

Beginning college—or beginning a new college, returning to college after some time off—is a big deal. One of the biggest sources of anxiety is the question, "Will I be able to handle my classes?", and by "classes" students often are thinking of English. I don't promise to take all of your anxiety away about your English classes, but I want assure you that your English instructors, your librarians, your advisors, your Writing Center tutors, and I want you to succeed and we will give you all the tools and support we know how to give to help you succeed.

You do have to meet us halfway. We expect you to come to class, come on time, come with your homework done and assignments read, come to our office hours, and all that good stuff. We also want you to come with your questions, your ideas, your challenges to our questions and ideas. Come with your game face and your mind on.

It matters because students often tell us that our English instructors were the first teachers to care what students thought—I don't want you to miss out on that opportunity. It matters because employers look to hire employees with good critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, no matter the field of work, no matter the student's college major—and we want you to be ready for whatever career you pursue or path you take.

If you discover that you really enjoy English, talk with your instructor about getting a major or minor in English (Literature, Creative Writing or Professional Writing) —or look around this website to learn more about our courses, our curriculum, and our student clubs.

Robert Kilgore

Go Sand Sharks!

Robert Kilgore
Associate Professor of English
Department of English, Theater, and Liberal Studies